About New Pathway

Founded in 2009, New Pathway is committed to providing Chinese students with the most innovative and efficient one-stop exam training. We combine our own online and offline interactive teaching techniques with traditional American educational values to help students understand themselves and maximize their potential, successfully enter the ideal school, and ultimately grow into happy and confident new-era talents that contribute to society.

  • Our philosophy

    Young people are the masters of the future society. We firmly believe that every student has unlimited potential to be inspired. As education innovators, we have a responsibility to open up new ways for our students to achieve a better future. Therefore, we aim to collect the wisdom of excellent educators and guide students with the most advanced education concepts.

  • Our mission

    The task of New Pathway is to change students' life through education and guidance.

  • Our vision

    Become a better pre-test preparation company focused on maximizing the potential of each student.

Development History

  • 2012

    Launched an online learning platform

    Shanghai Xujiahui campus (HQ)

    founded in Cross Region Building

  • 2011

    Founded Jingting campus in Shanghai

    Created technology/online project investment

  • 2010

    Founded Gubei campus in Shanghai

  • 2019

    Founded Gubei campus in Shanghai

wonderful moments

Graduate sharing

New Pathway’s team represents a cross section of the best of the American educational system, boasting an elite team of teachers, all of whom are dedicated to and passionate about education.

By combining online and offline teaching with traditional American educational values, New Pathway can provide Chinese students with the most innovative and effective English language arts, test prep and subject specific courses available in all of China

Achieve your test prep goals, and prepare for an international education experience!

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  • The main reason we chose New Pathway and stayed there was the people we worked with.

contact us

Shanghai xujiahui campus (head office)

Unit F, G, H, 25th Floor, No. 899, Lingling Road, Cross Region Building, Xuhui District

Contact phone number:+86-021-5432-5782

Gubei campus of Shanghai

9th Floor, No. 37, South Shuicheng Road, North Wanke Building, Changning District

Contact phone number:+86-021-6275-4553

Shanghai pudong campus

1705, No. 58, Changliu Road, Pudong New District

Contact phone number:+86-021-3382-0351

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NewPathway International K12 is a well-known brand of international education, focusing on the preparation guidance of international schools, international course guidance and overseas study examination training.NewPathway is the cradle of students from the world's top universities. Many students have been successfully admitted to harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT and other top universities.

Please dial to get the schedule +86-21-5432-5782
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