Program features

  • Three core programs

    New Pathway has three core programs for students of all ages and levels

  • International course material

    Become immersed in an English language learning environment, and improve each of your individual academic skills

  • Advanced Education Systems

    Our teaching system offers a perfect feedback loop for students to learn, practice, review and retain new information

  • Systematic assessment and feedback

    Our rigorous, analytical assessment model ensures personalized instruction targeted specifically at each student’s areas of weakness

  • Expansive library of test materials

    Our materials draw from all available sources, including self-generated questions from our in-house R&D department

Our Programs

  • SAT

    American College Entrance Examination

  • AP

    Tutoring for Advanced Placement courses and exams

  • IB

    Group and 1 on 1 tutoring for a wide variety of IB subjects of all levels, including exam preparation

  • A

    British high school curriculum, with tutoring available for a wide variety of subjects

  • GPA

    Grade Point Average, a weighted calculation of a student’s overall academic performance

Program related services

  • Diagnostics

    One-on-one comprehensive evaluations for all new students, including a digital language assessment, writing test, and oral interview

  • Learning plan

    Personalized learning plans for all students, based on their diagnostic reports

  • Classroom Environment

    Constructive interactive and fun, a learning environment guaranteed to put students in the best possible position to succeed

  • Feedback

    Comprehensive weekly feedback reports for all students, including quiz and project grades, and teacher feedback

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NewPathway International K12 is a well-known brand of international education, focusing on the preparation guidance of international schools, international course guidance and overseas study examination training.NewPathway is the cradle of students from the world's top universities. Many students have been successfully admitted to harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT and other top universities.

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