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    General FAQs

    1. What is the company's mission and vision?

    The mission is to transform students' lives through education and mentorship. Our vision is become the #1 test prep company focused on maximizing every student's potential

    2. I can't speak Chinese; is teaching in China for me?

    Teaching in China does not require you to know how to speak Chinese. This is a good opportunity for you to teach and learn at the same time. We encourage our teaching staff to learn some Mandarin if they are interested in doing so. As a benefit, our company offers an Internal Language Academy where foreigners can learn Chinese and local staff can learn English. 

    3. Will my teaching job provide me enough money to support myself?

    We offer a competitive salary that supports a good standard of living locally. Our teachers generally find that the amount they earn from teaching in China allows them to live comfortably and gives them a stronger purchasing power than they are used to at home. 

    4. How big of a class will I be teaching?

    Class sizes at NP range from one-on-one private lessons to workshops of up 6-12 students. During the summer and winter intensive sessions, classes can increase up to 20 students.


    5. Do we have professional development and career development opportunities?

    Yes, because of our company's positioning, we have the resources of a large company but the closeness and collaborative nature of a small company. We offer our teachers and consultants the ability to develop their skills in other departments. Past teachers and consultants have gone on to top graduate schools and jobs in other fields utilizing their skills and experience gained here in our company. 

    6. Do teachers have a Chinese teaching assistant?

    All of our classes are taught in English so our teachers have full responsibility in managing the classroom.

    7. What available resources are offered to teachers?

    We supply every teacher with textbooks, along with other teaching equipment such as a cassette player and overhead projector. Our learning centers are all equipped with Wi-Fi internet access. It is therefore important that you have a creative imagination and use any available teaching resource to your disposal. Our technology team has created many internal applications for our teachers and students to use integratively during class for more targeted instruction.