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    About Us

    Shanghai, Beijing, Boston. Telephone Operators are available in Mandarin and English



    Xujiahui Campus (Head Office)

    Location: Unit F, G, H, 25th Floor, No. 899, Lingling Road, Cross Region Building, Xuhui District

    Tel: +86-21-5432-5782


    Gubei Campus

    Location: 9th Floor, No. 37, South Shuicheng Road, North Wanke Building, Changning District

    Tel: +86-21-6275-4553


    Pudong Campus

    Location: 1705, No. 58 Changliu Road, Pudong New District

    Tel: +86-21-3382-0351



    People Square Campus

    Location: 10F New Goldenbridge Plaza,No.1 West Beijing Rd,HuangPuDistrict ,Shanghai

    Tel:  +86-21-6135-9188




    Shunyi Campus

    Location: Lemon Lake Clubhouse, Tianbei Rd, Houshayu Town, Shunyi District

    Tel: +86-10-6475-6678


    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Campus

    Location: 2112, No. 132, Nathan Road, Miramar Tower, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

    Tel: +852-2736-0390