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    About Us
    Latest New Pathway Programs with our partners

    Me to We Kenya volunteer trip
    Me to We Kenya volunteer trip

    New Pathway & Me to We invite you to join us on a volunteer trip and take a step with us into a new world — a step into the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. If you are interested in taking a walk in someone else's shoes — sometimes quite literally — this is the trip for you. Building schools, digging wells, planting trees — that's just part of creating change in the world.

    World Scholar's Cup in China
    World Scholar's Cup in China

    We have a joint partnership with World Scholars Cup in China. Two tournaments offered in April at Dulwich Shanghai and ISB Beijing by both organizations. We will work with World Scholar's Cup to co-brand the tournament and offer debate classes to students.

    Beijing at ISB (April 13—14) 
    Shanghai (April 27—28) at Dulwich College.

    Discover Leadership Camp
    Discover Leadership Camp

    A collaboration between 3 companies, SECA, Me2We, and New Pathway. Discover Leadership Summer Camp are designed for kids ages 7-15 years old. The Camp will consist of fencing, art, drama, academic reading and writing, and leadership development.

    Camp 1 from July 15 — 17 
    Camp 2 from Jul 29 — Aug 10 
    Camp 3 from Aug 12 — 24