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    Scholar Tree

    About Scholar Tree

    • Scholar Tree is a top-notch English language school for Young Learners (YL) ages 6-12.We offer quality language education using highly effective teaching methods tested in United States, Korea, and Europe. Scholar Tree's proprietary English learning system allows students, parents, and teachers to better assess progress while at the same time providing a native English speaking environment conducive to learning a second language. Scholar Tree's library is one of a kind and rivals that of elementary schools in the United States. Scholar Tree's curriculum is based on the California English Language Arts Content Standards.

    • Class provides interaction with native English speaking TEFL certified teachers

    • Library contains over 1500 imported English books and student's progress tracked via online testing system

    • Clubs give students opportunities to interact with other students to display the skills they have learned in our classes and library

    The Scholar Tree Advantage

    • Provides solid foundation for English language learning

    • Uses Scholar Tree's accelerated learning system to achieve a "path to fluency"

    • Focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening English skills

    • Gives students better access to Western culture

    • Better preparation for college admissions exams

    • Improved concentration

    Stage Descriptions

    Sprouting Seeds begins the growth journey by obtaining the basic pronunciation and English foundations

    Strong Saplings builds upon the fundamentals of English and delves deeper concepts to enhance written and spoken communication

    Tremendous Trees focuses on refining the fundamental English and provides opportunity to spring the student's level to the Middle School level English

    Scholar Trees utilizes the training students have received over the previous three levels and guides students to create and compose effortlessly through the English language

    Course Descriptions

    Reading focuses on expanding student's vocabulary and comprehension in order to better be able to read through the English books

    Writing focuses on building students' grammar and composition so the student can communicate effectively through the written English language

    Speaking & Listening focuses on active spoken communication with native English speakers