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    U.S. Boarding / Day School Counseling Service Process


    • MBTI

    • Placement Test

    Test Prep

    • SSAT, TOEFL Training

    English Enrichment Program

    • Academic Reading

    • Academic Writing

    • Debate Workshops

    Life Coaching Class

    • Public Speaking

    • Time Management

    • Interpersonal Communication 

    • Character Building

    Application Strategy

    • Hook Development

    • Time Management 

    • School Selection Guidance

    • School Visit Schedule Preparation

    • Letters of Recommendation Strategy

    Application Guidance

    • Summer Program Guidance 

    • Applicaton Completion Guidance

    • Applicaton Essay Development

    • Parent Statement Guidance

    Application Submission & Interview Guidance

    • Application Submission Interview Preparation

    • Applicaton Follow-Up

    • Matriculation Guidance

    Our Strengths

    • One-stop counseling service from boarding school to college

    • Unique Life Coaching class helps prepare students for boarding school life

    • English enrichment program improves students' overall English ability to succeed in the US high school environment

    • Overseas TOEFL / SAT test prep class

    For more details, please visit >> http://www.eic.org.cn/special/us_prestige_only/