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    A Letter of Thanks to Geoffrey

    Source:   Date:2014-12-18

    In this cold winter, we received some cheerful news. Our daughter Y received her first acceptance letter from a well-known American university. We congratulated her on her success. Meanwhile, we want to take this opportunity to deeply appreciate Y's counselor, Geoffrey, for his hard work and productive mentoring.


    For every student who goes to top US universities after graduation from high school, the application process is a challenge for both students themselves and their parents — seemingly endless and painful. The process is full of confusion, irritability and surprise, but Geoffrey tries his best to help Y; he encourages and motivates her to pursue her goals and lets us know more about US college application process, too.


    Supplement essays are crucial for applying to US colleges. Geoffrey provides Y with professional advice and very detailed information about each school Y wants to apply to; he inspires her to think and explore her own perspective and feelings towards the world, and in turn guides her to express that valuable content in her supplement essays step-by-step. Through composing the supplement essays, Y not only finishes her work with applications but also deepens her understanding of the schools, herself and the goals she will pursue. And via conversations with Geoffrey time and time again, we parents grew out of ignorance into maturity about the application process.


    During the application process, Geoffrey has offered great help to us parents with his intelligence and diligence, which made us fully understood the US application requirements and process. Geoffrey doesn't let minor problems pass, and always discusses them consistently with Y, and also provides pertinent and effective suggestions. With his help, we parents feel very relieved, and Y has also been working hard toward her dream. We hope Y has a good future, and we thank Geoffrey for all his effort.


    Y's Dad